Message from Mila Kofman, District’s Health Benefit Exchange Executive Director

Stakeholder Input Requested on the District’s Health Benefit Exchange

Based on discussions and stakeholder feedback, and based on the need to make decisions quickly, we are establishing a process that is community based – building an exchange from the ground up through working groups. We will have working groups chaired by Board members in most cases with a Vice Chair from the Advisory Board. These working groups will have diverse stakeholders as members and will primarily be short term (2 to 3 weeks) with a focus on specific topics. I am asking stakeholders to volunteer to serve on these working groups as members.

The goal will be to discuss specific policy questions, identify areas where there is consensus, try to reach consensus on other areas, and identify issues where there isn’t consensus. This new approach is community based ensuring that all stakeholders help build the exchange.

I expect the working groups to get to consensus on many issues. Areas that have consensus will go up to the full Board for approval. The issues without consensus will be referred to the existing Board Committees. The working group’s deliberations will be open to the public and will become the core record that the Board Committee reviews. That record will include policy options, pro’s and con’s, stakeholder positions, and any evidence/data presented in the working group meetings. These working groups will be staffed at a high level by people with extensive subject area and exchange implementation expertise.

I chose these topics based on discussions with stakeholders, some of you, and my assessment of what we need to do urgently and what is slightly less urgent. I welcome additional suggestions.

Below is a list of the working groups that have been identified, along with the timeframe for the group and the Chair and Vice Chair. Please contact Bonnie Norton ( if you are interested in joining one or more of the working groups below.

Working Group Chair Vice-Chair Timeframe
Essential Health Benefits Dr. Saul Levin Kevin Dougherty January/February
Network Adequacy Diane Lewis Stephen Jefferson January/February
Quality TBD Karen Johnson February/March
Premium Collection in the Individual Market Dr. Henry Aaron Chris Gardiner January/February
Employer and Employee Plan Choice Kevin Lucia Billy MacCartee January/February
QHP Issuer Certification Process TBD TBD February/March
Financial Sustainability TBD Jill Thorpe February/March
Dental Plans TBD TBD February/March
Plan Offerings and Benefit Standardization Kate Sullivan Hare Claire McAndrew February/March
Carrier IT Working Group Dr. Leighton Ku TBD January/Ongoing
Broker IT Working Group Janet Trautwein Billy MacCartee January/Ongoing
Assistors IT Working Group Dr. Leighton Ku TBD January/Ongoing
IT Policy Working Group Dr. Leighton Ku David Chandra January/Ongoing

All working groups are also open to the public and meetings will be posted on the calendar. Essential Health Benefits Working Group and Broker IT Working Group began meeting the week of January 14th.

We look forward to working will you all to establish an Exchange that works for all District consumers, businesses, and stakeholders.

Mila Kofman

Exchange Executive Director


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