Kwame Brown’s resignation letter

Posted at 08:19 PM ET, 06/06/2012

Kwame Brown’s resignation letter

By Tim Craig and Mike DeBonis, Washington Post

Brown leaves his John A. Wilson Building office for the final time Wednesday afternoon. (Bill O’Leary – WASHINGTON POST)

Kwame R. Brown (D) has resigned as D.C. Council chairman hours after federal authorities filed a fraud charge against him. His resignation letter, as received by D.C. Council Secretary Nyasha Smith on Wednesday at 4:29 p.m.:

June 6, 2012

Dear Madame Secretary:

I hereby resign my position as Chairman of the Council of the District of Columbia effective immediately. I have made some very serious mistakes in judgment for which I will take full responsibility.

Because of the great respect that I have for the institution that is the Council of the District of Columbia, I have chosen the only honorable course in submitting my resignation at this time. I simply will not hold this body, and its important work hostage to the resolution of my personal indiscretions.

I have behaved in ways that I should not have. I was wrong, and I will face the consequences of that conduct. I have apologized to the residents of our great city, and I also offer my unconditional apology to the members of the Council for all of the negative attention that my conduct has brought about.


Kwame R. Brown


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