Big Day for Healthcare Briefs at the Supreme Court

Yesterday NFIB and the States filed their briefs on the unconstitutionality of the individual mandate and the inapplicability of the Anti-Injunction Act to our challenge. NFIB’s briefs are attached.

The States briefs can be found at: (mandate) and (Anti-Injunction Act)

In addition, the government filed their brief also arguing the Anti-Injunction Act does not apply. (Attached.)

On Friday two motions were filed – by the government and by NFIB and the States – regarding oral argument scheduling. Of note, the government, NFIB and the States all believe another 30 minutes should be allocated to the AIA argument, which, if accepted, would bring total argument time to 6 hours.

NFIB Mandate Brief.pdf

NFIB AIA brief.pdf

U.S. Brief on AIA.pdf


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