Georgetown Business Association Meets with DISB on Health Insurance Exchange Issues

GBA legislative committee meets on health care insurance for small businesses

March 28, 2011 | by Joe Giannino

Georgetown businesses, like many across the country, are faced with difficult questions on health care and how to deal with new mandates imposed by Congress. Last week, GBA’s legislative committee met with Brendan Rose, Health Care Policy Analyst for the D.C. Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking (DISB) regarding the District’s Health Insurance Exchange. As DISB envisions it, when the exchange is complete, it will be an internet platform from which small businesses can select insurance options. The D.C. exchange is expected to go live on January 1, 2014.

The creation of the exchange is currently running on two tracks: (a) the legislative track, in which the D.C. Council is considering authorizing legislation to acquire additional federal funds to establish the exchange; and (b) the administrative track, in which the mayor’s office, based on recommendations from the DISB, will formulate how the insurance options will be offered, the requirements for an insurer to be listed on the exchange, and all of the other operational components of the exchange in order to send a final exchange program to be adopted by the D.C. Council.

Mr. Rose said that he and the committee have received voluminous input and suggestions from health care providers, insurers, and consumer advocates. However, the group he has not heard from is the business community. He very much wants to hear what small businesses have to say.

The time for the business community to be heard is now. Please send those concerns via email to Kathy.Darling. Your comments will included in the GBA Board ‘s coordinated response.

Kevin Wrege, Esq.

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One Response to Georgetown Business Association Meets with DISB on Health Insurance Exchange Issues

  1. Thanks, Kevin Wrege, for placing this on your blog. I will like to note that throughout April’s Financial Literacy Month, DISB will visit several senior wellness centers to discuss the impact of PPACA on seniors. Dubbed One City Insured, the agency will explore Medicare changes and more for seniors who benefit from the changes.

    Later in the year, DISB will continue to present to those at different life stages with targeted messages on their particular community’s impact. Visit here for more,,a,1300,q,643401.asp

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