CareFirst Brings New HealthyBlue Plan to Market

Tuesday, August 31, 2010, 2:39pm EDT

CareFirst rolling out HealthyBlue plan in October

Baltimore Business Journal – by Ryan Sharrow Staff

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield will begin marketing its new HealthyBlue plan Sept. 1.

HealthyBlue is a new health care plan aimed at rewarding healthy lifestyles and promoting stronger ties between patients and their primary care physicians. Coverage effective dates will begin Oct. 1.

The Baltimore insurer says HealthyBlue is designed to make it easier for patients to seek necessary care and make them aware of their health risks. The plan will help provide the enrolled patients information and incentives to get and stay healthy.

CareFirst CEO Chet Burrell said the plan will offer “significant financial incentives to members who take control of their health care decisions and who work to improve their health status.”

Members who meet certain health criteria can earn rewards of up to $300 for an individual and $700 for a family. Rewards will be paid as a Healthy Rewards gift card or as a contribution to a health savings account.

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